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A podcast featuring revolving panels of writers (short story writers to screenwriters, novelists to lyricists) that gather bi-weekly to discuss industry news, hard questions about creativity, and other selected topics.

Minds meet. Encouragement flows. Friendships are made by gif. Those are just some of the ways to describe the Twitter #WritingCommunity which inspired The Write Track, check it out!

Contact: thewritetrackpod@gmail.com

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Valencia Stokes


Valencia is a Full Sail University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Film. She's served as a producer for non-profit organizations around Orlando, Florida and even as a Production Supervisor Intern for WWE NXT. She hopes that her podcast efforts makes at least one person famous for bragging rights.

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Willy Fairfield

Audio engineer

Willy graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor's in Recording Arts and interned at a Grammy award-winning recording studio . Specializes in game audio and music recording. Now he's helping award-less Valencia from the goodness of his heart!

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Marc Pouliot

Graphic designer

Marc is a graphic designer, photographer, cinematographer and the owner of DecemXIV, a sought after production company based in Toronto, Ontario. He attended Candadore College's Broadcasting: Television and Video Production and George Brown College's Video Design and Production and has been a go-to in the industry since 2014.

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Aksa Mahmood


Aksa is a Graduate engineer for a rail company. She likes to read and critique anything. She's hoping to give support to fellow writers in the community, which she has proven by answering the podcast hosts' many questions!

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